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First Choice for Vehicle Repairs in Wimbledon

The expert mechanics at TOC Autos provide all types of vehicle repairs for motorists in and around Wimbledon. We only ever use OEM-compliant parts, and offer guarantees on all vehicle repairs undertaken. On this page, we’ve taken a brief look at some of the most common types of vehicle repairs that garages undertake – from work on engines through to wheel and tyre repairs. Should you be unsure what is ailing your vehicle, visit us right away and we’ll use the latest equipment on the market to carry out diagnostics and figure out the issue.


Keep in mind that TOC Autos is also an accident repair centre, meaning we specialise in vehicle repairs after a crash or similar incident on the road. So if you’ve suffered an accident and need a vehicle recovery service to collect your vehicle and bring it in to be fixed, give us a call on 0208 544 0990.

Most Common Vehicle Repairs We Undertake

Engines – The beating heart of your vehicle is the engine, without it you won’t get very far! Due to the sheer expense of replacing an engine that is beyond repair, it’s very important you keeps yours in good shape. Common issues we see with engines include damaged camshafts, timing belts, cylinder heads, flywheels and balancers. All of these components can be replaced by our vehicle repairs experts in Wimbledon.


The most obvious signs you’re suffering from engine difficulties are illuminated warning lights on your dashboard, but keep an eye, ear or nose out for the following:


• A jerking motion, stalling or surging while driving.

• Strange noises like grinding or popping.

• Odd and unpleasant odours like burning rubber.

• Excess or miscoloured exhaust smoke, or smoke emitting from bonnet.


If you notice any of the above, visit TOC Autos in Wimbledon and we’ll use diagnostics equipment to communicate with your car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit). This will feed back any stored fault codes and advise us on what vehicle repairs you may be in need of.

Bodywork – You won’t need the staff at pro garages to tell you what’s wrong with your bodywork! It’s usually glaringly obvious. It may be that you have suffered an accident or someone has scraped your car without realising, or as an act of vandalism. No matter the extent of the damage, we’re the top choice in Wimbledon for bodywork vehicle repairs. We’ll ensure that your car gets back to looking like its old self.


Brakes & Clutches – Two of the most important components within your vehicle when it comes to staying safe on the road, if brakes or clutches suffer a serious fault it’s vital you call up our mechanics immediately. Vehicle repairs in these categories may target your disc rotors, brake pads, brake shoes, brake machining or clutch cylinders – these are complicated components and as such, a lot can go wrong with them.


If you notice your brake or clutch is noisy or emitting strange sounds when applied, is less responsive than it once was, is hard or soft underfoot, or a strange smell can be noticed emitting from your vehicle, then visit our Wimbledon premises immediately. While the issue may be minor and not much to worry about, it could be that you need urgent vehicle repairs to continue driving your vehicle safely.


Steering & Suspension – If you’re experiencing an unresponsive or bumpy driving experience, or hearing loud and jarring noises when turning the steering wheel, you may require urgent vehicle repairs. We’ll get under the bonnet and check suspension components like struts, control arms, shock absorbers and ball joints, and steering components like the wheel, gears and linkages for any anomalies.


Electrics – To delve into everything that can go wrong with a vehicle’s electrics would be madness; each manufacturer and model of car employs different electrical features, often in subtly different ways. While some Wimbledon garages might be stumped by the more obscure electrical issues suffered by clients, ours won’t be! We have a wealth of experience in electrical vehicle repairs, from fixing internal and external lighting issues, to broken car stereos and air conditioning systems. Versatility is a big key to our popularity.


Wheel & Tyre Repairs – Wheels can go out of alignment over long periods of driving, causing your vehicle to pull to one side slightly as you drive. Obviously, this is unideal. Our mechanics can realign wheels to improve handling as well as fuel economy. We can also repair or replace them should they suffer structural damage.


Likewise, we provide tyre repairs to Wimbledon clients who suffer minor punctures. Keep in mind that if the puncture / damage is significant, we may be legally obliged to replace the tyre rather than repair it, due to UK legislation. Another reason you might need them replaced rather than tyre repairs, is if your tread depth falls below the legal minimum of 1.6m.

Suffering from an automotive difficulty in the Wimbledon area? Call TOC Autos today on 0208 544 0990. We’re experts in all forms of vehicle repairs, including the above.

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