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Premier Provider of MOTs in Wimbledon

If you own a vehicle that is over three years old, you are legally obligated to put it through MOT testing on an annual basis. MOTs determine whether a vehicle meets the government’s standards of roadworthiness. The test involves a qualified mechanic, like one at TOC Autos in Wimbledon, running through a strict inspection checklist that covers essential components like steering and suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres.


While all garages that offer MOTs work to the same checklist, whether they’re in Wimbledon or elsewhere in Greater London – keep in mind that not all offer the same standard of customer service and prices can differ from premises to premises. And not all garages can provide MOTs for the same types of vehicle. Our mechanics, for example, are very versatile and are qualified to conduct MOTs for Classes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 passenger cars, minibuses and even motorcycles.


While many Wimbledon motorists think of MOTs as a stressful annoyance, at TOC Autos we try and make the process as smooth and simple as possible. We tailor our service to you, ensuring MOTs are completed at a convenient time, without any non-essential delay. It’s our goal to provide fast and thorough testing, and ensure you’re back on Wimbledon roads safely and legally without disruption to your day-to-day routine.


What’s more, as one of Wimbledon’s premier independent garages, we can set our own prices. This makes us an extremely cost effective solution, as we make a point to compete with the big name garages on the financial side of things, as well as the customer service side of things.


What Happens When You Fail MOTs?


Obviously, you’re not guaranteed to pass MOTs. While regularly visiting garages for car servicing and generally driving in a smart and safe manner will reduce the chance you fail significantly, sometimes you might find yourself short of a passing grade. Should this be the case, the inspector will explain to you exactly why your vehicle failed and recommend a course of action. Unlike many garages around the Wimbledon area, we want MOTs to be completely transparent, and for our clients to always be on the same page as us.


It might just be you need a straightforward and simple vehicle repair that can be carried out on the spot. Or it could be something more serious that we need to order in a part for, as it might not currently be in stock at our Wimbledon garage. Rest assured whatever the problem, we’ll endeavour to ensure you’re not kept off the road any longer than needs be, and you pay the lowest rate possible on the repair at hand. We’ll then conduct the re-test and issue you certification, so you won’t be liable to points on your licence and a hefty fine for driving without it!

For MOTs in Wimbledon, you can’t beat TOC Autos. Call us today on 0208 544 0990 to book an appointment.

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