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Affordable, Professional Car Servicing in Wimbledon

Looking to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition? Investing in regular car servicing at reputable garages, like TOC Autos in Wimbledon, is a great way to do just this. We offer both interim and full car servicing packages, for all types and manufacturers of vehicle. Car servicing involves one of our trained mechanics going through a checklist and inspecting vital components within your vehicle, while performing certain maintenance procedures, like topping up your oil and changing your oil filter.


What’s checked will depend whether you’re in for interim car servicing or a full car servicing package (an altogether more comprehensive procedure). Most manufacturers recommend you invest in each form once a year. A few example checks target the:

• Suspension

• Brakes

• Shock Absorbers

• Steering

• Anti Freeze Level

• Windscreen Wipers

• Wheel Alignment

• Exhaust

• Battery

• Tyre Tread

Keep in mind that, as an independent and family-run operation, we’re able to offer car servicing at prices you just won’t find at other garages around Wimbledon. With TOC Autos, you get true value for money, and car servicing that won’t violate your manufacturer’s warranty or prove in anyway inferior to a service at a main dealer!


Below, we’ve looked to explain just a few of the benefits which Wimbledon motorists enjoy when choosing TOC Autos for regular car servicing (exactly how often you should look to come in will usually be detailed in your vehicle’s manufacturer handbook).


Why Invest in Car Servicing at TOC Autos?


Save Money – Car servicing can improve fuel efficiency significantly, saving you money the next time you visit a Wimbledon forecourt to fill up the tank. On top of this, because car servicing reduces the likelihood you’ll breakdown and need garages to carry out vehicle repairs, it will also safeguard you against significant costs in parts, labour and vehicle recovery fees. When you think of how affordable car servicing is, it becomes abundantly clear you’re going to save money long-term.


Stay Safe on the Road – The mechanics at our Wimbledon garage are experts when it comes to spotting problems because they become a significant risk. While car servicing keeps components well-maintained and fluids topped up, which will improve road safety, it’s also a great opportunity to check that nothing more serious is brewing under the hood. If we notice your brakes are suffering from a serious fault, for example, we can recommend vehicle repairs before the issue causes you to suffer a road accident.


Preserve Your Vehicle & its Value – On top of all this, car servicing is a great way to maintain your vehicle’s value. Most motorists find that they eventually want to trade in their vehicle or sell it second hand to subsidise the cost of a new purchase. But most buyers, and indeed any main dealers you visit, will factor in your car servicing history. If they notice that you’ve been long neglecting car servicing at the right kind of garages, like ours in Wimbledon, they’ll assume your vehicle to be in questionable or even poor health, and likely ask money be taken off the price. And if your vehicle is your pride and joy and you have no intention of selling it, well – even more reason to ensure it’s well looked after!


So what are you waiting for? Choose TOC Autos for car servicing and get a thorough and professional service, at an affordable price, the likes of which you won’t find at other garages in or around the Wimbledon area.

To book an appointment, call our friendly team of mechanics on 0208 544 0990. You won’t find garages in Wimbledon that do car servicing better than TOC Autos!

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